A Day in the Life of Shine

A few people have said they were ready for another Shine post. We have been at a couple more shows since the last post and while we are making some progress, Shine is still more into having fun than working. That is just fine for now. She has finally, on Saturday managed to do the closed chute in a trial, however, she still cannot take the time to think about weaves. Just thinking about them give her the Zoomies! But, to redeem ourselves – for all those who think I am just paying $25 for her to have fun running around the ring and be cute – here is proof that “Stinkerbell” (her pet name) does indeed know how to do both the chute and the weaves! At some point and time it will all come together!

A friend and student of mine, Dede Day, put together this little video of Shine at home working, and playing – and being Shine! It was a little warm that day, but Shine still did a nice job – if not quite as fast.

Oh, and if you like the song, it is one of Dede’s own – and that is her singing it! I think it fits Shine perfect. How lucky are we to have such a talented friend!

Hope you enjoy!

Nancy & Shine