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lifesabundancedogandcatfoodsWhat is more important than healthy and happy pets?

A friend recently suggested I try Life’s Abundance dog food. She has very active dogs who participate in several dog sports and is very careful about what she feeds them. I decided to give Life’s Abundance a try. Click here to see why I now recommend this food for cats and dogs.  Place an order.

Holistic Ingredients

Life’s Abundance is formulated by a holistic vet and each ingredient is chosen for how it can enhance nutrition. The website has an ingredient and cost comparison with many of the other premium brands of food

Guaranteed Fresh – Home Delivery

One of the benefits of this food is that it is made in small batches and is delivered right to your house. There is a reduced price is you like it and want to put it on an auto ship. It is easy to make changes when necessary.