Teaching Staff

Our instructors compete successfully at the highest levels of agility and Nose Work. Most importantly, they are not only knowledgeable but they enjoy teaching and working with people! We understand that communication, and people skills are as important as dog training experience.

We also consider ongoing education important and our instructors attend multiple seminars and workshops to keep current on new information and training techniques.

Nancy Walker

nancys_gangNancy has been involved with dog training since 1970. She has earned multiple obedience titles on a variety of breeds and has instructed several levels of obedience classes. She started competing in Agility in 1998 with her Miniature Schnauzer “Tucker” who was ranked by AKC that year #1 in Open and #2 in Novice for his breed.

Nancy then became addicted to agility and began competing with her sheltie Jive. Jive was an exceptional dog who qualified and attended the AKC Nationals numerous times and has attended the AKC Invitational World Team Try-outs. Jive obtained the highest honor for AKC the MACH (Master Agility Champion) 3 times and the highest USDAA title ADCH (Agility Dog Champion) Jive went to the Rainbow Bridge in 2011. Nancy also competed with her other sheltie, “Chilli”, who obtained MACH 4 before retiring in 2012. Nancy currently competes with her border collie, Poker Alice who is currently competing in AKC and USDAA venues and has just recently started competing with her young border collie, Aidan. Nancy also enjoys running dogs for other people. She put a MACH on Pointer, Kona, and also qualified and went to the AKC invitational twice with “Kona” who finished as #1 ranked Pointer for 2012. In addition, she qualified Pointer, Jakki for 2015 Invitational, and also runs another talented German Shorthaired Pointer, Heart as well as a Flat Coated Retriever, Kiley for friends.

Nancy first became aware of K9 Nose Work in 2011 when she was working with a client who needed help training their service dog. This was a brand new sport based on the training bomb and drug detection dogs go through. She quickly became interested and began working with her own dogs and saw how much the dogs loved it. Nancy began offering classes on nose work but wanted to do it right! The sport was brand new and in 2012 she began the process of becoming a “Certified Nose Work Instructor” or CNWI. She has completed the training and is Tennessee’s first CNWI! She has successfully shown two dogs in Nose Work, and is now at NW3 with both of them. She does many continuing educations seminars and camps to stay up to date the all the newest techniques and information. Leaps & Bounds has hosted 3 ORTs – the certification test for dogs to be able to enter trials, and last October, Leaps & Bounds hosted Tennessee’s first Nose Work 1 and Nose Work 2 trials! We will be hosting more trials of all levels. The future of K9 Nose Work in Tennessee is great!

Joyce Shorter, Nose Work Instructor

joyceJoyce was one of my first Nose Work Students in Tennessee, with her mini longhair Dachshunds, Tony and Allie. After Tony passed away, she began her newest Dachshund, “Renegade.” Renegade and Joyce quickly became a great team, and hold the honor of becoming the first in Tennessee to get their Nose Work 3 title, and after getting NW3 3 times, is now the first in Tennessee to reach the newest level in Nose Work: Elite. Renegade being so small, but competing with the “big dogs” is usually a favorite with judges and other competitors. He is serious about his work, and finds the hides very quickly and has often won or placed in the top three times for the various searches. He has also received the honor of being “High in Trial” by having the fastest combined time on his 4 hides. Allie is catching up and is now at NW3 also.

Joyce has attended multiple camps and seminars to keep up with the sport, and enjoys working with people and their dogs in this wonderful sport!

Joyce is currently working towards the goal of being a CNWI.