Welcome to Leaps & Bounds Dog Agility!


Leaps and Bounds is the largest dog agility training school in middle Tennessee. We are dedicated to the sport of agility and the respectful treatment of our canine companions. We offer all levels of agility from complete beginners who want to have fun with their dog, to the most advance levels of national competition.

We believe agility is a “team” sport between dog and handler, and that is important for both dog and handler to have fun and be challenged. We work hard to make that happen whether you plan to compete or do agility just for fun and recreation!

The Leaps & Bounds Commitment

tuckerWe use only positive training methods and our classes are designed to put a good “foundation” on each team by teaching confidence and safety and solid fundamental handling skills.

We also recognize the challenges of working with certain breeds or unique dog personalities and we have a lot of experience and successes with different types and styles of dogs.

Beautiful Indoor Training Facility

LandB+Inside+Aug+2+2006The airy, fully covered arena is used year round for classes and events. No need to worry about the weather being too hot, cold or wet for classes! Click here for more information and pictures of the building.

An Invitation

If you are thinking about taking an agility class, we would invite you to drop by and watch one or more of our classes. We always welcome guests! You can check out the current class schedule and just drop – you may want to bring a folding chair!

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